Clear Path Consulting Program: Helping Families Thrive with Online Learning

Though we hoped for a return to normal this fall, we must now prepare to meet the challenge of making online learning work for our kids! Since the start of this pandemic, the clinicians of Rebecca Resnik and Associates have been helping families adapt and thrive with online learning. We have launched our Clear Path Consulting program to support you as you adapt to the “new normal.” In a one hour coaching session, we can help your family not only survive, but thrive, with online learning! Our program was recently featured in the New York Times

Our seasoned clinicians can help you map out a clear path for your child’s education, mental health, and quality of life this fall. We partner with trusted community resources to bring the very best of the DC Metro area to you. We’ve done the research. We’ve done the vetting. We can get you up to speed in time for fall! No need to reinvent the wheel all by yourself ! We will offer some reduced fee sessions (as much as we can accommodate) and will donate 30% of proceeds to Children’s National Medical Center in honor of Helen Mae.

The Clear Path Consulting program offers the following:

  • 1:1 Individualized consulting session with an experienced licensed clinician
  • Personalized, practical family education “plan” with a roadmap for your child’s success
  • Practical advice for creating learning “pods,” enriching instruction, finding the right tutor, and managing your family’s schedule
  • Connecting you with the very best professionals in the DC Metro area and exceptional online resources
  • Learn to balance your professional/work obligations with parenting during COVID
  • Trusted advice for helping students with learning differences, disabilities, and Giftedness meet their potential!

Call us today to schedule your Clear Path Consulting session! You can reach us at 301 581 1120, ext 1 or email at Our Clear Path Consulting team includes: Dr. Sarah Hardy, Ms. Marvie Corbett LCSW, Ms. Simone Schwager, LCSWC, and Ms. Jenny Flemming, LCPC/RPT.

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