Developmental Testing

Developmental Testing is for children ages five and under. Testing is often recommended in order to understand how the child’s cognitive and emotional development is progressing. This testing assesses your child’s development so you can build on strengths and provide the right support for areas of need.  Test data are used to recommend effective interventions to help ensure the child can achieve his full potential (therapies, special education, behavioral support etc).Quality developmental testing is based on the latest research about how the brain develops in the early phases of life.

We believe in highly personalized assessment conducted exclusively by a Licensed Psychologist.

Most importantly, there is an art to making sure young children feel comfortable! In our practice, a skilled doctor works closely with your child at your child’s pace. We understand that making your child feel comfortable is the key to accurate test results. That is why we would never trust your child’s testing to students or techs. Our psychologists also recognize the need to observe the child in the ‘real world,’ and include school and home observations whenever possible. Developmental testing is recommended for:

  • Testing for developmental delays
  • Testing for autistic spectrum disorders
  • Testing for language delays
  • Testing for early signs of language-based learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia)
  • Testing to understand emotional or behavioral concerns
  • Testing for special education eligibility (IEP, 504 plan, early intervention services)
  • Testing to help you understand your newly adopted child
  • Admissions testing (Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scales of Intelligence, Fourth Edition)

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