Dr. Aparna Rao, Psychologist

Licensed Psychologist

Psychological Testing, Consultation


Dr. Aparna Rao joined the practice in 2014. She specializes in psychological evaluations of adolescents and adults. Dr. Rao has extensive experience in testing and therapy with children, adolescents, and adults in the private practice, hospital, and school settings.

EDUCATION: University of Michigan, Bachelor of Arts in English, 1997; The George Washington University, Doctor of Psychology, 2010

INTERNSHIP AND POST-DOCTORAL TRAINING: Psychiatric Institute of Washington (Child and Adolescent Units); Psychiatric Institute of Washington (Adult Psychiatric Services and Adult Program Development); Private Practice in Washington, DC

CREDENTIALS: Licensed Psychologist in Maryland and Washington, DC

SERVICES PROVIDED: Neuropsychological testing, Social and Emotional testing, Psychoeducational testing, Admissions testing


  • ADHD and Executive Functioning Difficulties
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders (OCD, Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, etc.)
  • Depression and Bipolar Disorders
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Thought Disorders (Psychosis, Schizophrenia)
  • Personality Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia)
  • Cognitive/Intellectual Disabilities

BACKGROUND: Dr. Rao’s primary specialty is testing for adolescents and adults. Her evaluations are comprised of individualized assessment batteries based on the particular needs of the patient. With careful consideration of the patient’s inherent strengths and challenges, Dr. Rao’s reports include specific recommendations intended to support each patient at school, at work, and at home.

Dr. Rao’s comprehensive evaluations are designed to provide diagnostic clarity, recommendations for treatment, and academic, work, & testing accommodations. Dr. Rao aims to identify interventions that will best support both the patient and the family as a whole.

For fun, Dr. Rao enjoys international travel and cuisine, hiking, adventure, cooking, reading, listening to podcasts, and spending time with her family and dog.

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