• Inspiring!
    -Parent, The McLean School's Cecily's Advocacy Day
  • Excellent speaker!
    -Psychologist Participant, Continuing Education Course
  • Thank you so much!! You were fantastic . . . great presentation.
    -Director, Independent School, Potomac
  • The evaluations said it all, parents were thrilled . . .
    -Advanced Academic Resource Teacher, Independent School
  • Your presentation on children's learning styles at our January PTA meeting was very informative and helpful to parents. As you could tell, we had a huge turnout!
    - PTA president, Bradley Hills Elementary School
  • Thanks so much for the presentation . . . it was perfect and seemed very well received
    -PTA president, Bethesda
  • Thank you for a wonderful presentation! . . . We should absolutely have you come back.
    -Continuing education organizer, Rockville

Dr. Rebecca Resnik’s List of Presentations and Lectures

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Check out a video, or scroll down for a list of recent presentations . . .

Everyday Resilience: Coping, Grit, and Mindfulness

 Upcoming Presentations for 2016/17

This year, Dr. Resnik will be speaking at events including: the Learning Disabilities Association of America’s National Conference, CHADD National Conference on ADHD (Nov. 2017, Atlanta, GA), The Lab School Lecture Series, McLean School’s Cecily’s Advocacy Day, The University of Maryland Autism Research Consortium, The Fred Jelinek Workshop at the Johns Hopkins University, Norwood School Parent Education Series and the Nora School Lecture Series (more to come!)

Coming in September 2017, Maryland Psychological Association’s Annual Conference (Continuing Education for Psychologists), Dr. Rebecca Resnik and Dr. R Patrick Savage are the featured presenters offering a 6 CE course on the neuropsychology of achievement testing

Coming in November 2017, Dr. Resnik presents for CHADD–The National Resource on ADHD, Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

Rebecca’s Previous Lectures/Presentations/Continuing Education 

National Conference of the Learning Disabilities Association of America, February 2017

Unlocking Potential: Powerful Tools from Neuroscience and Psychology

Psychological Assessment for Powerful Advocacy: Writing Reports that Work!

Lab School Lecture Series: Why do Kids Do What They Do? The Science of How Kids Make Decisions

The Lab School of Washington Lecture Series, December 2016

Executive Functioning in the Developing Brain: The Keys to Success

Presented for the 2016 Cecily’s Advocacy Day Conference, McLean School of Maryland

Executive Functioning in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Building on Strengths

University of Maryland Autism Research Consortium (UMARC), October 8th 2016

Unlocking Potential: Powerful Tools from Psychology and Neuroscience 

Diamonds in the Rough Special Education Conference, September 2016

Transmissions from the Black Box: How Human Emotion Impacts Language, Cognition and Behavior

Invited Talk at the Johns Hopkins University, August 2016

(The sound starts about 5 min into the video)

Coping, Grit and Mindfulness: The Keys to Learning

Teacher Training for the faculty of the Auburn School’s Silver Spring Campus

Leadership Training for MCPS Middle School Faculty, hosted by Faquhar Middle School

Psychological Assessment: The ‘Not Good Enough’ State of the Art

Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention Innovations Conference (VASPI), 2016

Grit and the Growth Mindset

Norwood School Parent Education Series, November 2016

Bishop Macnamara High School Lecture Series, March 2017

Faquhar Middle School PTA, April 2017

Westrbook Elementary School PTA, March 2017

Sparking Teen Motivation

Nora School Lecture Series, November 2016

IQ Testing for Admissions, What Parents Need to Know

Harbor School, October 2016

Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment Panel

Diamonds in the Rough Annual Conference, Weinfeld Education Group, September 2015

Executive Functioning and Emotional Well-Being: The Science behind the Brain-Body Connection

Learning Disabilities of Montgomery County Annual Conference (LDA), October 3rd, 2015

Understand Neuropsychological Testing

Partnership for Extraordinary Minds Lecture Series, October 22nd, 2015

 The Ethics of Assessment

Maryland Psychological Association’s Annual State Conference Continuing Education Course, Presented with Dr. Linda McGhee, Licensed Psychologist (October 2015)

Divorce and Families of Children with Intellectual Disabilities

The National ARC (January 2016)

 Adolescents and Their Journey (or “What to expect when you’re expecting a teenager”)

Presented for the Jewish Youth Directors Association National Conference

Presented for Tilden Middle School PTA

Learning Disabilities and Inclusion

The Lowell School (coming February 2016)

The WISC 5

Presented for the faculty of the Washington International School

Presented for the law firm of Michael J. Eig and Associates

Presented for faculty of Holy Redeemer School (March 20th, 2015)

Everyday Resilience: Coping, Grit, and Mindfulness

Presented at Bradley Hills Elementary School PTA meeting

Presented for the McLean School of Maryland’s Parent Education Series


Presented for the Rock Creek Forrest Elementary School PTA

The Science of Motivation: Helping our Children learn to Motivate Themselves

The McLean School of Maryland’s Cecily’s Advocacy Day, 2014

Emotion and Executive Functioning
The Lab School of Washington Lecture Series

The Strategy Deficient Learner

Staff training presented for the Educational Connections professional development conference, January 2015 (1 hour staff development training) and reprised for Educational Connections March 2015 (2 hour staff development training)

Advocacy in the Schools: Turning Clinical Data into Results for your Patients

3 hour continuing education course presented for psychologists at Alvord Baker and Associates

1 hour continuing education course presented for psychologists at the Maryland Psychological Association

1 hour continuing education webinar presented for psychologists at the Maryland Psychological Association

Understanding Neuropsychological Test Reports
Staff training at the Diener School, Potomac MD

Metaphor in Clinical Psychology
International Conference of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Workshop: Metaphor in Computational Linguistics, 2014

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders
Guest lecture, Montgomery County Community College

Managing Difficult Clients
The Power Conference for Women in Business (August, 28 2014)

Helping our Children Manage Stress and Anxiety
Presented for the Wyngate Elementary school PTA

Knowing your Child’s Mind: Understanding your Child’s Learning Style
Presented at Bradley Hills Elementary School PTA

Teasing, Bullying, and Exclusion: Protecting our Children from Each Other
Presented at Lakelands Park Middle School PTA

Presented at Fields Road Elementary School PTA

Special Education Advocacy: Getting What Your Child Needs to Succeed
Presented for HEALinc Parent and Teacher Education Series

Executive Functioning and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Presented for Extraordinary Minds of Montgomery County (XMinds)

Cognitive and Emotional Changes in Adolescence
Presented at GEMS Conference, Chesterbrook Academy

Executive Functioning: Unlocking the Power of Your Child’s Mind
Presented at Wyngate Elementary School PTA

Red Flags for Learning and Attentional Disabilities
Teacher training at the Green Hedges School

Managing Challenging Behavior: Evidence Based Practices
Staff training for Social Workers serving children in the foster care system

Licensing Laws for Maryland Psychologists
Continuing Education for Psychologists the faculty of The George Washington University Department of Professional Psychology

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