Immigration Evaluation

Immigration Evaluation

Whether you are an individual seeking services for yourself or a family member, or an immigration attorney identifying resources for a psychological evaluation of a client, our practice can assist as you navigate through the USCIS immigration process. We know that discussing difficult moments can be distressing- our staff are trained to conduct thorough, timely evaluations that aim to produce comprehensive reports while balancing the emotional and psychological needs of an individual throughout this challenging process.

All assessments are currently conducted by Dr. Rachel Singer, an experienced psychologist who has 5 years of immigration evaluation experience in addition to extensive research background and training in working with immigrant populations. Dr. Singer was awarded the American Psychological Association’s Citizen Psychologist Award for her advocacy, outreach, research, and clinical experience working with immigrant and refugee clients.

Psychological Immigration Evaluations

Our highly trained Immigration Evaluation team can perform the following times of psychological immigration evaluations:


Individuals seeking asylum in the United States may have experienced torture, hostility, or persecution due to a protected aspect of their identity. Asylum assessments seek to evaluate the impact of the traumatic experience on the individual’s psychological functioning.


Individuals who have been the victim of a distressing crime may qualify for a U-Visa evaluation to assess psychological impact of this event on an individual.


This evaluation is used to assess the emotional and psychological impact for an individual who has been a victim of human trafficking.


Individuals who have experienced significant intimate partner violence (IPV) or domestic violence may meet criteria for a VAWA evaluation to understand the psychological impact of this abuse.

Extreme Hardship and Cancellation of Removal

For individuals who have a family member at risk of deportation, Hardship evaluations can be a key component that identifies the psychological impact if an individual is separated from a family member at risk of being removed to another country.

Options available for quick-turnaround evaluations for individuals with upcoming court hearings. For virtual sessions, clients must be located in one of the following states:

Please note that while we cannot guarantee the outcome or result of a court case, individuals with psychological immigration evaluations are nearly twice as likely to be granted immigration relief. 1

  1. Impact of forensic medical evaluations on immigration relief grant rates and correlates of outcomes in the United States. ↩︎

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