Psychoeducational Testing

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Psychoeducational testing is designed to utilize the latest neuropsychological research and best practices in education to create a data-based learning support program that is customized to the individual learner (everything from school placement to what specific type of reading instruction will be effective for your child’s unique needs).

The recommendations from psychoeducational testing are informed by the science of learning, brain development, and educational research.

We combine neuropsychological depth with evidence-based educational recommendations to ensure that our reports are both comprehensive and useful. We want the assessment experience to feel empowering and therapeutic.

You or your child will always work exclusively with your doctoral level, licensed psychologist, never a grad student, trainee, or technician. 

Each of our licensed psychologists and neuropsychologists has advanced training in evidence-based assessment. Our doctors are highly experienced at bringing out the student’s full potential during testing. 

Psychoeducational testing is recommended for:

  • Testing for Learning Disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, visual processing disabilities, auditory processing disabilities)
  • Testing for ADHD and co-occurring concerns
  • Testing for Autistic Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger’s Disorder (we use the ADOS and MIGDAS)
  • Eligibility for Special Education (testing for an IEP, 504 plan, SAT accommodations, College accommodations)
  • Special education decisions, such as due process hearings, Independent Educational Evaluations
  • School placement, including admissions testing, or finding the right school for your child
  • Testing to understand behavioral concerns, motivational difficulties or uncooperative behavior
  • Determining why a child is not achieving at his or her potential
  • Transition Planning (for career training and services such as SSI)

Most importantly, test data are used to create an evidence-based action plan and recommendations. Educational recommendations are reviewed by Dr. Resnik, an experienced special educator who holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in special education.


We have a wide variety of tests, including language-free and motor-free tests. This means we can assess clients who do not communicate verbally or those with movement/coordination difficulties. This means that every individual can demonstrate their true abilities. Our testing office is also sensory friendly and comfortable for people who are differently abled. Our offices are fully ADA-compliant.

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