Parenting Groups

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Parenting groups offer a much-needed chance to reboot and re-energize. We offer groups for preschoolers, children, teens, young adults, and parents (including a lunchtime parenting group).

Parenting groups are a great way to find new ideas for raising healthy, resilient kids in these stressful times. We offer parenting groups for parents of teens and pre-teens, led by psychotherapist and author Ms. Katie Austin.

We also offer lunchtime parent groups as well as our new “Just Diagnosed” group for parents who want a supportive place to discuss their child’s new diagnosis with other parents. Our parenting groups teach practical ideas for helping your pre-teen/teen stay mentally healthy and make wise choices.

Parenting can be difficult in our fast-moving world—especially if you have a child who is anxious, stressed out, or has learning differences. Our psychotherapists have advanced training in providing therapy via telehealth and in person. We provide parenting support to individuals, couples, and groups during these challenging times.

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