Therapy for Young Children (2–6)

Laughing adult giving their child a piggy back ride.

Like the rest of us, young children also experience stress, anxiety, depression, and difficulty coping with everyday life.

Often, those difficulties show up in their behavior. Big feelings can be tough for little people to manage. Early interventions that focus on skills training have been shown to be very effective for young children. 

For our youngest patients, the key to treatment is to work closely with the family as a team. Parents are important partners if a child is to meet his/her treatment goals. Therapy with a young child may look like games (and yes, it is fun!) but play-based techniques teach the child critical skills like managing frustration or coping with stress. We can also provide evidence-based parent coaching designed to help children at home and school. We often consult with preschools and daycare centers to help identify and implement the child’s support needs.

Therapy helps young children with:

  • Coping with strong feelings (anxiety, stress, sadness, frustration)
  • Reducing meltdowns, tantrums, or aggressive behaviors
  • Socializing—to play, enjoy social events, and make and keep friends
  • Learning coping skills, including how to be flexible and resilient
  • Coping during stressful situations (e.g. tolerating medical/dental treatments, going to school, divorce, adoption, family stress)
  • Connecting with others and increasing positivity in relationships

In-person therapy and teletherapy available.

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