Educational Advocacy

Group of students in a classroom with their hands raised.

A child’s educational experience is paramount, not only for their future success but for their mental health as well!

Every child deserves to achieve their potential and take joy in learning. Having the correct supports in place is the essential foundation for ensuring success in their journey. Unfortunately, this process of obtaining the correct support needs can feel complicated and overwhelming. Small issues can rapidly grow into big obstacles, so seeking guidance as soon as possible is critical. 

We are trusted collaborators at independent schools, special education schools, and local public schools. We have an extensive record of success working with special education attorneys and educational consultants to identify and implement children’s support needs. We have served as expert witnesses in due process hearings in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. 

We have expertise in advocating for a variety of students, including those with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum differences, intellectual disability, chronic medical conditions, genetic differences, anxiety (including school refusal), LGBTQIA or genderfluid/gender non-conforming children, children who were adopted, and students who are gifted/2e. 

Ms. Marvie Corbett, LCSW-C, directs our Educational Advocacy Program and has served in early childhood centers, public schools, and private schools throughout her career. Marvie knows the importance of skillful advocacy that strengthens the working relationship between family and school. She also understands how to guide parents toward the best options in more complex advocacy situations (e.g., requesting an IEE, changing placements, or connecting with a trusted attorney).

Our Advocacy Services include:

  • Consulting on specific educational needs and strategizing next steps
  • Reviewing test results, IEP/504 Plans, Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs)
  • Connecting you with trusted professionals who can help resolve concerns
  • Assessment of neuropsychological, psychological, or “present level of performance status”
  • Expert witness testimony

School advocacy and liaison for ongoing support can include:

  • Classroom/School observations
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)  
  • IEP/504 Request process
  • IEP/504 Meeting attendance and participation 
  • IEP/504 Review

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