Dr. Rebecca Resnik Presentations and Continuing Education for international, national, state, and local events.

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Recent Highlights

Veterans Association AI Brain Summit, Invited Talk, From Language Analysis to Clinical Utility

Continuing Education Course (3 CE hrs) DC Psychological Association and Southern Maryland Psychological Association, Executive Functioning: Development of Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioral Self-Regulation

Staff Training for Children’s National Medical Center Autism Clinic, Transition Planning for Psychologists

Maryland Psychological Association Annual State Convention Continuing Education for Psychologists Neuropsychological Assessment of Gifted/Twice Exceptional Students

The Association of Practicing Psychologists, 2 Hour Continuing Education for Psychologists Course, Neuropsychological Assessment of Language Based Learning Disabilities

Digital Innovation in Mental Health International Conference, Invited Talk, London, England, Diagnosis: The “Not Good Enough” State of the Art

The Learning Disabilities Association of America’s National Conference

The International Conference on ADHD/CHADD National Conference

The Reading League National Conference, presentation The Neuropsychology of Dyslexia

The University of Maryland Autism Research Consortium, Executive Functioning and the Autism Spectrum and Transition Planning for Neurodiverse Students, Expert Panel (UMARC Podcast)

Rebecca’s Conference and Keynote Presentations 

The Erik Erikson Conference at the Austen Riggs Center,  Invited Talk, Diagnosis: The ‘Not Good Enough’ State of the Art

Keynote Address for the Mid Atlantic Episcopal School Association (MAESA) Annual Conference, Everyday Resilience 

Keynote Address, Learning Disabilities Association State and Montgomery County Annual Conference   

Workshop Presentation, Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology at the North American Association for Computational Linguistics (2014-2019)

Computing for Physical and Mental Health Conference at Georgetown University, Invited Talk, 

The Johns Hopkins University Frederick Jelinek Workshop, Invited Plenary Talk

The Independent Educational Consultant Association’s National Conference (IECA) 

Professional Training for Teachers at: St. Alban’s School, Landon School, Norwood School, Charles E Smith Jewish Day School, Barrie School, Auburn School, Holy Trinity School

Smart Course ADHD Summit “ADHD and Reading Disability: Turning the Titanic with the Power of Brain Science”

Maryland Psychological Association’s Annual State Conference, 6 hour Continuing Education Course, 3 hour Continuing Education Course, 1 hour Continuing Education Course

Faculty Training for The University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies

Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principal’s Annual Conference  “Motivating Teens Through the Power of Relationships”

International Association for Computational Linguistics Annual Conference’s Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology Workshop 

CHADD of Northern Virginia and DC Annual Conference 

Presentations and Podcasts

The MD Edge Psychiatry Podcast with Dr. Lorenzo Norris

Lab School Lecture Series, 2021, The Science of Reading: How Instruction Wires the Brain

University of Maryland Autism Research Consortium Podcast Transition Planning for Neurodiverse Students

The Inside Story Podcast, Reading and Language Literacy Center ADHD and Executive Functioning

The 3M Thought Leaders Podcast

Speech Kids Podcast, with Gabriele Nicolet

The Dyslexia Quest Podcast with Dr. Elisheva Schwartz 3/2019

The Testing Psychologist Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Sharp  12/2018

The Special Needs Navigator Podcast with Eric Jorgenson, episode 11, 2020

Continuing Education for Psychologists at The Thrive Center, Brain Hacks: Improving Student Outcomes through Neuroscience  and The Neuropsychology of Motivation

Presentation for the Maryland Psychological Association’s Annual Business of Practice Conference, “Growing Your Practice Through Hiring and Networking”  

“Rewiring the Brain for Reading Success” for the Pediatric Development Center Lecture Series  

Invited talk at Georgetown University, Computing for Physical and Mental Health Conference  

Lecture at North Bethesda Middle School  “Suicide: Reducing Risk by Promoting Resilience”  

Auburn School’s Parent Lecture Series  “Teen Anxiety: Promoting Everyday Resilience”  

Teen Emotional Wellness Night at Blair High School  “Adolescent ADHD: What the Science Says about Surviving and Thriving”  

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