Professional Consulting Services

Group of adults in a meeting

Is there a challenge you’d like to overcome? Our clinicians are here to help find solutions.

Our clinicians believe in being active collaborators who offer personalized solutions. Like you, we are focused on achieving specific goals and getting results for our clients. We regularly collaborate with independent school learning specialists, organizations, psychiatrists, advocates, school placement specialists and special education attorneys. We welcome the opportunity to work with you as a consultant.

For Schools/Educators/Congregations

Our clinical team has extensive experience in school settings (including independent and religious schools). Some of us have served as teachers ourselves, and all of our consultants have worked in schools as either educators or mental health providers. We understand how challenging working in a school can be! Our clinicians can help with issues related to serving a particular student with behavior challenges, create policies and procedures for specific challenges (e.g., managing students in crisis). We can also help school teams function better together. We regularly work with placement specialists and admissions directors to inform school placement decisions. Our staff are enthusiastic collaborators who will help generate plan for practical, evidence-based solutions. We are happy to come to your campus for meetings.

For Attorneys/Advocates

Our assessment team provides expert consultation as well as expert witness testimony for cases related to special education. Our assessment reports are constructed to be useful tools in the event that mediation or litigation arises. We are experienced expert witnesses in cases related to special education.

For Clinicians

Our team enjoys being part of treatment teams with psychiatrists, pediatricians and related service providers (speech language pathologists, occupational therapists). We can help solve specific problems, consult on a case, as well as provide staff training to practices/treatment centers/professional organizations on specific topics related to mental health.

Practice Owners 

Are you wondering how to build your mental health practice or create referral relationships that will lead to success? Please contact Rebecca directly for practice consulting services.

Here are some examples of our consulting services:

  • Conducting a classroom observation/on-site functional behavior analysis (FBA)
  • Attending a team meeting at school to help create a learning support plan/IEP/504 Plan
  • Consulting with attorneys about cases involving special education law
  • Meeting with teachers to help develop actionable solutions to challenges
  • Attending a treatment team meeting to report on a client’s response to interventions
  • Consulting with school placement specialists to help determine the best “match” for a student

Here are examples of our professional development services:

  • Providing continuing education for psychologists, counselors, social workers
  • Professional training/in-services/continuing education for educators, see our Speaking page for more information.
  • Presentations to conferences, PTAs, PTOs, and advocacy groups
  • Presentations for medical professionals
  • Presentations for attorneys
  • Presentations for university departments or labs

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help or to schedule an appointment.