Adult Assessment

Smiling adult talking with a psychologist

Our psychologists and neuropsychologists have been trusted to provide exceptional comprehensive assessment services for adults.

Our psychologists recognize how important it is to respect your unique lived experience, listen closely, and provide a data-based “road map” for the way forward. Our assessments for adults are personalized for each client to focus on your goals as well as your concerns. 

Our psychologists and neuropsychologists offer evidence-based assessment through in-person testing, “hybrid tele” testing, and or telehealth assessment (as appropriate). 

Our seasoned neuropsychologists and psychologists conduct all assessments personally—we never use students, trainees, or “techs” in our practice. 

Services include:

  • Learning disability testing (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia)
  • Neurodivergent Affirming Autistic spectrum/Autism testing, including testing for Asperger’s Disorder (we offer ‘gold standard’ ADOS testing)
  • ADHD testing
  • Evaluation of gifted individuals with learning difficulties (twice exceptional or ‘2e’)
  • Intellectual Disability Testing
  • Testing for individuals with genetic and chromosomal differences
  • Testing to qualify for standardized test or college/graduate school accommodations
  • Testing for employment disability accommodations
  • Testing to qualify for SSI/DDA
  • Testing for adult guardianship/supported decision making
  • Pre-adoption assessment
  • Young adult transition planning
  • Testing for anxiety and depression or mood regulation disorders
  • Testing for personality disorders
  • Post-concussion and post traumatic brain injury
  • Risk of self-harm

Please note that we cannot provide the following:

  • Custody evaluations
  • Evaluations for parental fitness or to inform visitation
  • Dementia evaluations
  • Testing for geriatric degenerative diseases
  • Egg donor/surrogacy evaluations
  • Police/Firefighter/Pilot/Military/Federal Agent evaluations
  • Pre-surgery evaluations


We are committed to providing inclusive and accessible testing. Our offices are on ground-level suites with full ADA accessibility and are designed to be “sensory friendly” for your comfort. We have a wide array of tests that are language-free and motor-free. This means we can create an exceptional testing experience for everyone, regardless of how you communicate or get around. We want every individual to demonstrate their true abilities in a supportive, respectful testing environment. We can also be flexible in scheduling breaks or shorter sessions.

To learn more, please see our FAQ. To see what tests are in our extensive testing library, see Psychological Testing.

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