Couples and Family Therapy

A couple sitting on a couch holding a tablet.

We welcome all types of couples and families and respect how you define your unique relationship.

Our approach centers on the belief that addressing the health of your relationship as a system (marriage/parents/sibling/etc.) brings healing to each person.

Relationships are dynamic. They change and evolve over time, just as we do as individuals. Our couples therapists understand that there are complicated reasons we might find ourselves in distress within relationships and have the experience to guide couples toward wellness and resilience. 

We are committed to using evidence-based treatments to ensure that couples make steady progress in goal-oriented work. Our therapists are exceptionally skilled at creating a “therapeutic space” where each person feels respected and safe. We honor the journey of all couples and believe wholeheartedly that “love makes a family.”

Whether the goal of coming into couples or family work is a “tune-up,” coping with a transitional time, coping with a relational crisis, or determining the future of the relationship, our couples therapists have the experience to help. 

In couples and family work, each member will gain new skills to replace old patterns of behavior. Our therapists take a strengths-based approach, building on each person’s capacity for resilience and growth of each member so they can return to wellness.

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