Therapy for Teenagers (12–20)

Teenager sitting on the floor talking with a therapist.

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and mindfulness training have been shown to be very effective in helping teens learn to cope with stress, manage anxiety, and make wise choices.

But while some teenagers ask to come to therapy, others aren’t so sure. Adolescence brings its challenges but our therapists are highly skilled at putting teenagers at ease. 

The key to working with teens is to show respect for their struggles. We make them part of the treatment team so they thrive and maintain wellness. Parent coaching is an important part of treatment as well. No matter what your teen is going through, our experienced therapists are here to help them and you.

Therapy can help a teen address:

  • Improving relationships with family members
  • Being more cooperative and flexible
  • Coping with strong emotions (anxiety, stress, depression, frustration)
  • Self-motivation to accomplish important goals
  • Making wiser behavior choices (and reducing self-sabotaging habits)
  • Avoiding harmful behaviors such as cutting, refusing to attend school, or taking risks
  • Developing a positive identity
  • Dealing with the stress of being “neurodiverse” in a “neurotypical” world

In-person therapy and teletherapy available.

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