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Helping Families Make Decisions and Advocate

There are many tough, complicated decisions a 21st-century parent has to make! As “in the trenches” parents ourselves, we know there are no easy answers. But there can be good advice to help get you past obstacles. We are here to help.

Our Clear Path clinicians can help you with critical decisions by:

  • Reviewing your child’s IEP
  • Recommending changes for your child’s IEP goals/services/placement to address changing support needs
  • Evaluating and recommending accommodations for your child’s 504 plan/Catholic Support Plan/Student Support Plan
  • Helping you narrow down school or program options
  • Advising you about bringing in an advocate or attorney to resolve disagreements with school teams
  • Guiding you in initiating the IEP/504/Private school process
  • Pointing you toward trusted experts who can help your student with therapy or support needs
  • Helping you get “unstuck” making decisions for your child’s mental health care
  • Setting goals for family wellness (e.g., reducing screen time or increasing positivity at home)

Clear Path Consulting supports families in the DC Metro area.

We can help your family not only survive, but thrive. Read the recent New York Times article: Know Your Pandemic Schooling Options

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