For over 12 years, Rebecca Resnik and Associates, LLC, has been trusted in the Bethesda area for providing excellent psychological care. Our highly-trained clinicians are dedicated to providing evidence-based care in a comfortable, supportive environment. We understand that our clients want to work with clinicians who have strong credentials. We know our clients have high expectations. We also believe that choosing a highly qualified clinician does not mean having to sacrifice the quality of the experience. Here at Resnik and Associates, we believe that your experience, and your relationship with your clinician, is the foundation for finding the right solutions.

All clinicians are fully vaccinated and boosted. We provide telehealth/teleassessment following guidelines set by the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology and American Psychological Association. We are experienced, trained telehealth providers.

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Here is a list of how we live our values:

  • Our fully licensed, seasoned clinicians are ‘perennial scholars’ who are dedicated to adhering to the highest standards of evidence-based, research informed care.
  • From the moment you call, our staff will show kindness, respect, and support.
  • We have two  office managers to take your phone calls. We do our best to return calls the same day (please have your voicemail set up and not full so we can reach you!). Please be patient as call volume is very high!
  • Our clinicians respect your time by being responsive and finishing test reports in a timely fashion (our goal is to provide reports 2 weeks after all test data are collected).
  • Our clinicians want coming to see us to be a great experience! We want you and your family to look forward to your time with us.
  • We can serve clients from the highly gifted to the person with complex needs (and those who are ‘Twice Exceptional’)
  • We collaborate with teachers, psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians, and school placement specialists to coordinate interventions.
  • We maintain ‘patient friendly’ offices in pleasant office parks with free surface parking and comfortable waiting areas. Both offices are fully ADA compliant and accessible and designed to be sensory friendly.
  • We believe that every person has unique strengths and weaknesses, and that every person has the right to live the highest quality of life as well as to achieve their potential!
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