Neuropsychological Testing

Our skilled neuropsychologists are offering evidence-based assessment through face-to-face testing, “hybrid tele” testing, and or tele assessment (as appropriate). We can meet both your assessment needs and your safety needs. 

Our experienced neuropsychologists and psychologists conduct all testing personally–we never use students or “techs” in our practice.

Since April, 2020, our fully vaccinated psychologists and neuropsychologists have been providing evidence-based ‘face-to-face’ testing and tele assessment services. We follow the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, American Psychological Association and the National Academy of Neuropsychology’s Interorganizational Practice Organization guidelines. 

We offer a range of safe, valid testing services during this pandemic. Our fully vaccinated and boosted psychologists and neuropsychologists provide face to face testing with PPE/plastic barriers and air purifiers. We are experienced at adapting to the “new normal.”

Our psychologists and neuropsychologists have advanced training in neuropsychological assessment from medical centers such as Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Children’s National Medical Center, and the Psychiatric Institute of Washington. This advanced formal training in neuroscience, cognitive science, and brain-behavior relationships is essential to conducting evidence-informed neuropsychological assessments.

Neuropsychological Testing uses psychological tests and careful observation to create a systematic, evidence-based study of all the major areas of cognitive functioning (intellect, attention, information processing, memory, language, visual motor integration, learning, achievement, and behavioral functioning). Neuropsychological assessment is not just “doing more tests.” What makes a neuropsychological assessment is the advanced training of the psychologist.

Test data are interpreted in light of current research findings about brain function.  Neuropsychological test data are used to make diagnoses based upon research about different profiles of cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This testing is designed to help you understand why there are obstacles and select effective interventions.

We believe that neuropsychological testing should be highly personalized care that leads to data-based recommendations to address you/your child’s support needs. Unlike other testing sites, all testing in our practice is completed exclusively by our Doctoral Level, Licensed Psychologists. No students or ‘techs’ will test you, or your child, in our practice. Each psychologist conducting neuropsychological testing has advanced training in neuropsychological assessment and engages in regular continuing education.

We have a wide variety of tests to accommodate all test-takers. We have tests that are language-free and motor-free, so that every individual can demonstrate his or her true abilities. We can also be flexible in scheduling lots of breaks or short sessions for test-takers who become overstimulated easily, or need to move to feel comfortable. Our testing office is “sensory friendly” and child friendly for your comfort.

Neuropsychological testing is recommended for:

  • Learning disability testing (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, visual processing difficulties, auditory/phonological processing difficulties)
  • Autistic spectrum testing, including testing for Asperger’s Disorder (we offer ADOS testing)
  • ADHD testing
  • Evaluation of gifted individuals with learning difficulties (twice exceptional or ‘2e’)
  • Intellectual Disability Testing
  • Testing for individuals with Genetic and Chromosomal differences
  • Medical conditions that can impact thinking, learning, and behavior (such as premature birth, pediatric stroke, mitochondrial disorders, neurofibromatosis, sickle cell, or exposure to toxins during pregnancy)
  • Testing for anxiety and depression or mood regulation disorders
  • Post-concussion and post Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Children who were adopted after experiencing inadequate care or harmful conditions

Most importantly, psychological testing data are used to create an evidence-based action plan and recommendations. Recommendations are reviewed by Dr. Resnik, who also holds a Bachelors and Master’s degree in special education.

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To see what tests are in our extensive testing library, see the Psychological Testing page.

You may also call Dr. Resnik directly at 301 581 1120, extension 2, or email her at (please do not send personal/private information over the internet).

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