We believe in the power of evidence-based psychological care to change lives. Our experienced, compassionate psychotherapists are committed to using treatment techniques with a solid research foundation. We also understand that results depend on more than our technical skills alone. Research has shown that the relationship between client and therapist is the foundation of effective psychotherapy. Not only do our clinicians have excellent skills, they are empathic, supportive, and dedicated to your wellness. We are currently providing face to face therapy and teletherapy –contact us to learn more!

At Resnik and Associates, our therapists focus on cognitive behavior therapy, skills training, and mindfulness. Therapy at Resnik and Associates focuses on bringing relief and developing resilience that can last a lifetime.

Our licensed psychotherapists will work with you towards achieving your goals and enhancing your quality of life. Call us today to learn more about how we help. For specific questions about therapy, contact our Directors of Psychotherapy: Ms. Simone Schwager, Dr. Rachel Singer, and Ms. Marvie Corbett). To schedule a new appointment, please call Ms. Marsha Miller, or Ms. Lynne Haberlein, Our Office Managers at 301-581-1120.

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