Therapy for older children (6-11)

Older children are ready for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that incorporates mindfulness and self-awareness. CBT is an evidence-based treatment that teaches children to manage their feelings, cope with stress, and make wise choices. At Resnik and Associates, psychotherapy is goal oriented. We focus on teaching skills. Of course, psychotherapy is most effective when the child connects deeply with his or her therapist. Kids have to feel comfortable to make progress. Our therapists are skilled at putting children at ease and making therapy time special. We are currently offering tele-health therapy services–our experienced clinicians have training in providing effective, meaningful virtual care. Our skilled therapists can help your child cope with the stress of quarantine, and help you with parenting support during this challenging time. Call today to learn more!

Importantly, therapy with children includes working with the family as a team. The parents are essential for making sure that the child’s new skills get used at home, school, and in the community. Of course, since our clients are kids, therapy has to be fun. Skills are taught and practiced through games, art, and play.

Therapy helps when a child needs:

Help coping with strong feelings (anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness)

Help with getting through a stressful situation

To learn to be more flexible and resilient

To avoid becoming uncooperative or having “meltdowns” in the face of stress

To learn to make and keep friends, or solve social problems in a positive way

To tolerate medical and dental treatments, or manage the stress of an illness

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