Therapy for teenagers (12-20)

While some teenagers ask to come to therapy, others are not so sure what therapy will be like. Our therapists understand that adolescence is a time of major changes in the brain. Teenage brains are different, both in amazing and sometimes perplexing ways. The key to working with teens is to show respect for their struggles, and make the teenager fully part of the treatment team.

Our therapists are highly skilled at putting teenagers at ease. We know that teens make the best progress when they feel a strong connection to their therapist. The COVID quarantine is a particularly stressful time for teens–we are there to provide teletherapy care. During this time, teens may feel isolated, irritable, sad or angry. We can help them (and you!) get through this challenging time. Our clinicians have advanced training in telehealth. Call today to learn more!

At Resnik and Associates, therapy for teens is goal oriented. We know you have important concerns, and want relief for your teenager. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and mindfulness training have been shown to be very effective for helping teens learn to cope with stress, manage anxiety, and make wise choices. We focus on teaching skills to promote resilience. Parent coaching is an important part of making sure everyone in the family is working together to achieve the same goals. Rest assured, no matter what your teen is going through, our experienced therapists will know how to help.

Therapy helps teens learn to:

Improve relationships with family members

Be more cooperative and flexible

Cope with strong emotions (anxiety, stress, depression, frustration)

Self-motivate to accomplish important goals

Make wiser behavior choices

Avoid harmful behaviors such as cutting, refusing to attend school, or taking risks

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