Therapy for young children (2 through 6)

Therapy can be effective for children ages two and up. Just like the rest of us, young children can also experience stress, anxiety, depression and difficulty coping with day to day life. Most of the time, those difficulties show up in their behavior. Early interventions that focus on skills training has been shown to be very effective for young children. Our youngest clients can often make positive changes more quickly than older children. Need help parenting your stressed-out little ones during the COVID quarantine? We are there to help with a range of teletherapy services! Contact us to learn more.

For little ones, the key to treatment is to work closely with the family as a team. Parents are important partners in achieving treatment goals. Therapy with a young child may look like games, (and yes, it is fun!), but the therapist is using play-based techniques to teach the child critical skills such as how to manage frustration or how to cope with stress. We provide evidence-based parent coaching designed to formulate new strategies to help children at home and school. We often collaborate with preschools and daycare centers to help young children overcome obstacles across settings.

Therapy helps very young children learn to:

Cope with strong feelings (anxiety, stress, sadness, frustration)

Reduce meltdowns, tantrums, or aggressive behaviors

Socialize –to play, enjoy social events, and make and keep friends

Learn coping skills, including how to be flexible and resilient

Cope during stressful situations (e.g. tolerating medical/dental treatments, going to school, divorce, adoption, family stress)

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