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For the past 12 years, our clinical staff has been trusted for continuing education and consultation for national and local companies, schools, institutions,  academic departments, attorneys and businesses. Our clinicians believe in being active collaborators who offer personalized consulting solutions. Like you, we are focused on achieving specific goals and getting results for our clients. Dr. Rebecca Resnik’s continuing education was recently described as “One of the best I’ve ever seen” by the Executive Director of a state psychological association.

We regularly collaborate with independent school learning specialists, psychiatrists, advocates, school placement specialists and special education attorneys. We welcome the opportunity to work with you as a consultant.

For Schools/Educators/Congregations. Our clinical team has extensive experience in school settings (including independent and faith based schools). We are trusted resources for staff training, continuing education, and consulting on particular student concerns. Dr. Resnik regularly conducts professional continuing education courses for private schools. Her presentations have been described as “Excellent!” and “Exceptionally well received!” by program planners of private schools. Dr. Resnik’s continuing education courses are designed to be fun, thought provoking, and include practical, evidence-based strategies. As a former teacher, Dr. Resnik understands how to create an invigorating containing education experience for seasoned professionals.

Our staff are enthusiastic collaborators who will help generate plan for practical, evidence-based solutions. We are happy to come to your campus for meetings.

For Attorneys/Advocates. Our assessment team provides expert consultation as well as expert witness testimony for cases related to special education and individuals with disabilities. Our assessment reports are constructed to be useful tools in the event that mediation or litigation arises. We are experienced expert witnesses in cases related to special education. We have provided expert witness testimony in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Please note that we do not perform custody evaluations or assessments to inform parental fitness or visitation.

For Clinicians. Our team enjoys being part of treatment teams with psychiatrists, pediatricians and related service providers (speech language pathologists, occupational therapists). Dr. Resnik also provides consulting for psychologists/therapists in private practice who are interested in business development.

We can help solve specific problems as well as provide professional training on secial topics. Contact us today at 301581 1120 or email to book your consulting (no solicitations please).

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